Thursday, 14 October 2010

Three Musketeers

Its not much of a work update I'll admit - but news has leaked out that Orlando is apparently back in Berlin filming for the three musketeers - his "wife" apparently has had herself surgically attached to his lower left buttock in a vain bid to stop him escaping while he gets the chance..

I wonder what happened to all those terrorist threats they were supposedly so frightened of, or her keenness not to fly because of the little one (in her belly) - obviously the cause of keeping hold of the Bloom at all costs outweighs any other considerations!

I also thought it was really nice to see that the paparazzi managed to leave our poor hounded couple alone for this particular visit, its nice to see they can respect their privacy when they arent called in feel so inclined..

(Thanks to the deluge of emails i've had expressing interest in the Ensurient Corpulence range of products - I will shortly be linking you up to few of particular favourites whilst I work on the full range. Being fat and jellus is a passion of mine and one that I am thrilled to be able to share with you all xxx)


  1. I'm kinda digging that military jacket.

  2. I kinda digging Orli full stop in this photoshoot

    I cant even remember when it was shot now....