Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A bid for freedom

I'm sorry its taken me so long to update TSO with todays news - but a couple of things were making me faint with shock this morning.

Firstly was a picture of OB at a German airport on his own (so far so good) but there were two things that were shocking about this! For one he actually had a "belly up" grin on his face (something that has been missing in action for months now) and he actually showed signs of trying to hide from the paparazzi (something thats been missing in action for a few years now)

what a difference an absent mantis makes to a person....

Secondly, OB has also taken part in the Comedy against Malaria campaign but I think i must be missing my funny streak today - the only thing that made me laugh in it was the actor at the beginning saying "I'm an actor you should listen to what I say" - that was a joke worth laughing at! Maybe I need to wait for the full version...

and one final (Mantis related) point - I don't know about anyone else but THIS has made my day - OMFG blogger - TSO salutes you !


  1. While she has your balls with no clamp on:


  2. Uhm, what is so different with this pics to the latest pics that showed up from the Pirelli shot and from Russell James's book?
    She's more dressed? Noone is intrested?

  3. Oh Luci you should write about this on your blog:


  4. .......mmmmmm.......
    For M
    "Black will take no other hue."
    "The fox may grow grey, but never good."


  5. In response to the first poster question "why does someone as big as Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have this girl as their rep?"

    Cuz' they are not that big obviously.