Monday, 18 October 2010

Well, what have we here....

Is it a Bird....No!

Is it a plane.....No!

Is it a flying Mantis - why yes! I believe it is.....

and there was I thinking she was too big to fly with the still remarkably small little one (in her belly). Its funny - she doesnt look to big to be ruling anything out to me, but thats probably because I'm so fat and jellus....

Sadly I couldn't grab the pictures (I know... what a shame eh?) so here's the link of hergiving an enthusiastic greeting to her friends (the paparazzi) and a pre-mantis photo of OB to help you practice wanting Orlando all to yourself...


  1. Orlando was seen getting into Berlin airport. I am surprise that she let him out his ball clamp to be on different continents.

  2. No. 1 fan posted tons of pics of her at Mlove.
    Wonder if MK was pissed that none of her pap friends had 'caught' her in Germany & UK. LOL
    Now I hope for some party Orlando pics.

  3. Looks like he's contemplating SOME kind of mischief in one of them (coincidentally my favorite).

  4. Growing bump? Where? I've seen zits bigger than her "bump".