Thursday, 28 October 2010


To: The Fat n Jellus
From: Slapparr (One of the Top Five Haterz and CEO of Ensurient Corpulence

Subject: Wanting Orlando All to yourself


While i realise with the issues of attractiveness surrounding our mantisized Orlando at the moment, it is imperative that you maintain your desire to have him all to yourself. This is a key ingredient to success at being Fat n Jellus! After all, one can hardly be described as Jellus if One doesnt actually want the item in question....

As an temporary move I would suggest not looking at any further pictures of OB since he came under this current affliction until the larger situation can be resolved.



  1. Esteemed CEO, I'd read your memo but I'm still all over this Chris Colls portrait...

  2. Did you say something about more nekkid pics?

  3. I am so happy the ass picture is off the first page.

    Does it matter what year we want Orlando all to ourselves?

  4. Ew, modern day Orlando is gross, chubby, and hairless in the wrong places. Can't we shove his ass into a time machine and take him back to 2005 or so?

  5. I'm so sorry,I feel like a traitor:besides not wanting Orlandwho all to myself anymore,thanks,but no thanks,I'm starting a heavy diet next week...
    But I love this place,may I stay as a support?

  6. Do you know Ducati, in view of the problems our readers are having coming to terms with the present day Orlando, I think providing there is a year that you find him in attractive in - concentrate on that... we can all live in the vain hope that he'll one day wake up and appear in all his pre-mantis glory!

    @Anomers - please dont feel bad - support it just as valuable as active participation...

  7. Chubby? Really? Take a look at that last pic Luci posted of him doing his 'modeling' gig. To me he looks so slight as to almost be frail. (Now if you mean he's got a 'fat head/fat ego' I'd likely agree.)