Saturday, 16 October 2010

A super Sekrit announcement

I would like to formally announce the first in a range of flagship products by the Ensurient Corpulence Corporation.

Our "All Original Lard Gel" is a patented formula that works with the fat you already have to produce mountains of blubber in just 2 weeks. Using key ingredients passed down through the generations it combines varies forms of trans fats and glycerol into a pleasantly scented gel which can be applied topically or used as a condiment to your favourite burger.

Just read our testimonials here - go on make each day that bit fatter....


  1. Thanks for offering such a wonderful product for the Fat'n Jellus. Can't wait to see the other products.
    Now I'm not sure if one tube per day is enough...
    I hope you ship world wide. If not I'm sure we can open shops in every country and offering FnJ meet ups so that we can make plans how we can get him all for us alone.

  2. I hope you ship world wide as well. If not, I'll be in London September 2011 to pick up my jars.

  3. your welcome, Sis73 - and I would suggest that one tub is ok to keep at home, but you should also carry the travel size one for those emergency fat n jellus moments. I always have mine with me Love S xxx

    Don't worry GH I have my entirely family working in the company now and they are all as excited about being fat and jellus as I am, we are able to ship world wide Love S xxx

  4. I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally be able to purchase products of such high quality! I have tried other brands and nothing has helped me with my struggle to reach the heights of true fatness and jellussness. Not even the Dr or my naturopath could help me. It has been getting steadily worse over the last 12 months but I finally have a glimmer of hope! Thank you Slapparr and thank you Ensurient Corpulence!!

  5. Travel size! That's what a fat jellus hater needs when she stalkes Orlando around the globe to have him all for herself! Does it work under medicine or cosmetic? Otherwise I would have trouble at airports.

  6. I going to be putting together weekend kits Sis73.. i was thinking of three different types: Thin to Fat, Medium to Fat and Fat to even Fatter...