Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Eye Cleanser

Sorry this took me QUITE so long ...


  1. Oh yeah baby! Muuuuuuch better. Thanks so much.

  2. HOT OB, that's better

  3. Even that doesn't make me happy anymore. Boo you, Orlando, you twat.

  4. @golden-helikaon
    Same here!!! :(

  5. Dear Product Manager

    Is this eye cleanser part of the Ensurient Corpulence range? Where can I get some? Do you do mail (or should that be male??) order??! How much does it cost? This sort of stuff is usually cheap and nasty but this particular product looks reasonable!

    Yours in anticipation,

    Joders (in the top 5 list of phatjellushaters)

  6. Dear Joders

    This is a very popular product amongst the fat n jellus - in fact i'd go as far as to say that our all original eye cleanser is an essential..

    however, we are currently experiencing supply problems. Our eye cleanser keeps on getting kidknapped by a rampaging panty mantis, in fact its a commonly held belief now that she has certain parts of him in a nutcracker.

    I am in the process of tracking the eye cleanser down but its proving somewhat challenging.

    I will of course keep you updated as to progress, and enter your name onto our waiting list

    Thanks for your patience

    Slapparr (NCO Ensurient Corpulence and also in the top 5 list of phatjellushaters)

  7. Thank you for the pretty picture of an ass as compared to, down there, to the ugly picture of her ass. The pretty ass is much more soothing to the eye.