Saturday, 2 October 2010

A touch of PR

Orlando and and cloven hoofed panty mantis are shlepping around paris eating food, buying stuff, being 'caught' by the paparazzi and generally name dropping shops the like (I hope they have claimed the appropriate "gifts" afterwards)

And our poor hounded couple are being followed at every turn by those pesky paparazzi too - in short its the same old stuff when they are doing a bit of profile raising. There are the usual touches in an effort to make them looked chased round the city -such as different shots of them leaving the hotel in different outfits that all appear on the same day, you know, that kind of thing. In a previous life I would have said that this was a build up to another trip back to Oz solo for the mantis but seeing as how she's too big to fly, that can't be it!

Look closer at the above photo though, this is not only an opportunity for you to buy into the fabulous lives of brand bloom-panty mantis, what is the mantis clutching in her pincer? Tube of whora product - subtlety at its best! (and thanks to ILC for pointing that one out!)

News has also broken to about the new campaign our pregnant mantis is heading up! (I know i could hardly contain my excitement either....)

When i think of what constitute essential Panty Mantis, to me this means Victoria Sekrits, Stunningness, Modelling with her ass or her 3Dboobies sticking out, hanging on to her handbag for deal life (of both varieties) and a strong affinity with Social Media! Scurrilous and evil gossip even had her posting away on her Facebook whilst she was on her hunneymoone with Orlando!

Considering particularly that last point then, I was slightly surprised to hear that she is heading up a don't use social media for a day campaign - maybe its a way of her treating her addiction, who knows or maybe its the best of a lot of bad options PR wise!

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  1. What's the weather like in Paris? Orly is getting around in long pants, a coat and a grubby looking hat. All the onlookers are wearing warm clothes.

    Yet Mantis is swanning around in a (really ugly) floaty thing that would be more at home on a tropical island. Is it the only maternity dress she owns? Is it a designer number and she's obliged to do more product placement?

    Come on Mantis, you're suppposed to be 10th on the list of top earning models - use some of your supposed $4mil income to engage a stylist. Or have you spent most of your money on employing your own personal paparazzi group and flying them all over the world to follow you to make it look like you're relevant?

    Another big, phat, phail all round.