Sunday, 3 October 2010

Wetten..... What?

There are somethings in life that you are gonna live to regret and I have a subtle suspicion that this could turn out to be one of Orlando's.

The Story:
OB was due to appear on a German TV show last night which has been described by some as "one of the largest in TV entertainment shows in europe" with the lovely Milla to discuss the 3 Muskateers, sadly he was a no show. It seems right up until the show was underway people thought he was going to be coming onto the screen. The first Official reason that was given was that he was shooting a few more scenes for the 3M and therefore couldnt make it. If that had been true that would of have disappointing to his supporters who paid a rumoured 1000euros on Ebay for tickets to the show but I'm sure most people would have accepted that he is an Actor and that has to come first..

Then JJ decided to post an entry showing our happy couple leaving on the Eurostar for London with luggage etc, and poor Milla was left having to say that it wasnt because of shooting a few scenes after all, it was because he wanted to spend more time with his Mantis....

So what gives?
Is this another example of our happy couple promoting the cause of tru romance/Balls in a clamp? Its a bit odd, he's been with her for the last few weeks in fact this is probably the longest time they've EVER spent together in one hit. Perhaps OB is worried that if he leaves her even for a day, the horrific reality of the situation will come rushing in and cause some kind of collapse*.

What was interesting to me (being a fat and jellus) was whether the Pap shots at the Gard du Nord had a different feel to them. To me there was one of two options: Either we'd see a hiding Orlando (as in the good old days) trying to slip back to London to avoid this huge public showing of a lack of professionality or we'd see our usual man posing away with a few PDA's thrown in for good measure and could therefore surmise that he's thrown his toys out of the pram.

In fact I'm not even sure why I bothered to check given that this was "released" on JJ - though in the above photo he's looking a little bit as if he's having second thoughts about the cunningness of this particular plan....

*Cavey, I'm joking on that one, please don't feel the need to get all excited, I understand there is a troll amnesty over at Delphi you may wish to take advantage of


  1. How the mighty have fallen. I can see this pair pimping themselves for a reality show a la Speidi or some such other irrelevant losers in about 2 years time because that is all there will be left for them. How inspirational they are. I aspire to be as talentless, as brainless yet as self important as Dr and Mrs Douchebag.

    I really did hold out some hope that Orlando might get back into actual acting on an actual set with actual cinematographers but obscurity is hunting him down and will savage him with its razor sharp teeth. He can't run fast enough to get away, especially with his phat, pumpkin headed wanna be wife weighing him down.

    Looks like it's time to put all my Orly DVDs into storage, including my treasured copy of the LOTR box set.

  2. the backlash on this one is growing thats for sure..........I'm just looking forward to the inevitable "explanation" through JJ or on the pages of People.....

    Its a sad day joders when the LOTR goes into storage....

  3. LOTR is actually the only shows I can bear to watch him in lately! I love the stories enough that I refuse to let Orland ruin them for me. - KayC33

  4. Hey, maybe he's getting paid waaaaayyyy more for those twu-wuv-pap pic than he's getting for 3M. Let's see, how much can an almost-hasbeen command for a small part in a movie?
    *sigh* He has fallen far.

  5. Too bad he pulled out from the TV show without proper notification and a truthful reason. It would have been a great opportunity for him to speak not only about his, ahem, marriage, but his first significant role in several years.

    Hey Lucinda, when I visit London at the end of November, do you reckon we'll bump into them around Covent Garden? Will we we giggle, point, and run? LOL!

  6. in itself the lack of TV show wouldnt have been the deal it is IF it had been managed better......

    all hes done is start rumours that all is not happy in the land of the three musketeers.....

    i hope the set ups were worth it for him.....

  7. The TV show itself was shite. But that is not the reason.
    It was a PR occasion for the biggest movie he's done for the last 3-4 years.
    He was lying about the reasons to the show master ('have to do some shooting') and Milla corrected it with a very sour face on the life show - "his wife is pregnant you know" *rolled eyes*
    It was just too obvious.

  8. interesting, I havent actually seen it Blitz (though of course rumours are abounding......)

    the latest is that he has a cameo in POTC4 - I really hope thats the case, though I suspect that he still would have been able to do both rather easily, its not like it was very time expensive....