Saturday, 30 October 2010

Our model man...

Wow, its quieter than a sandy beach in a blizzard at the moment. I take it that the Panty Mantis is less than thrilled at being counted amongst one of the Fat at the moment since she has failed to be "caught" by those evul paps for a while now..

Luckily Orlando still has a dedicated battalion of supporters searching time and space each day to winkle out a tiny morsel about him and one of them located the above photo...

Isn't it lucky that the photographer at the Me&Ciry shoot managed to catch his exact expression when he was told that his "wife" was on her way to visit him!

Poor sod.....


  1. I totally dig that Union Jack inspired sofa/ottoman thingy. I want one!

    Just 27 more days Lucinda! :p

  2. The expression on his face is "I just took a dump in my pants, is that ok?"

  3. LOL These are very slim jeans.
    I want that couch, too. With the model please.
    Slapparr, can I collect points and get it as a special offer for being good with my F&J diet?

  4. Those BIG shoes with leggings are just hideous IMO. LOOOL!!!

  5. DNW.

    The ottoman thing is pretty awesome though.

  6. @Simone woohoooo!
    @ all - i think those are very very skinny jeans and they don't half make his feet look big but yes that ottoman is pretty cool !

  7. You know what they say about men with big feet, right?

    They need big shoes.

  8. yes i heard that Joders....
    that they need big shoes and serious help in their choice of "wife"

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