Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I am now ready to make the announcement that I announced early today!

I'm really excited to introduce my new range of cosmetic and health products especially designed for today's fatties. Ensurient Corpulence*.

The name translates as Jellusly Fat and is all about a living the lifestyle and incorporating those fat and jellus habits into your everyday life. Its designed to work in tandem with Pleasure Ureself: A Practical guide to being Fat and Jellus

I'm inviting you to come 'Inhabit my envy*' with me - we can share fellow fat stories, I will talk you through some of my favourite products to promote a larger waistline. Being fat and jellus is a passion of mine which I am so looking forward to sharing with you.

(*"Ensurient Corpulence" and "Inhabit my Envy" are trademarkes of the Ensurient Corpulence Corporation)


  1. For those of us still working on the phat part, I'm hoping that I can buy a phat suit at the Ensurient Corpulence website so I can totally appreciate the phully phat experience.

    I also heard that some of your beauty range is based on lard. Can you confirm the cosmetic benefits of lard based products please?

  2. thank you for your enquiry Joders, you will indeed be able to buy a fat suit at the EC website - its still under construction at the moment - but I think i can send it via snail mail to you c/o the Inanity offices.

    Thank you for your question about Lard, Lard is an amazing ingredient - I've been drinking it, bathing in it, rubbing it on me all of my life, I was first told about it by my granny - nothing works better for piling on the pounds and in fact recent evidence suggests that it can actually be taken into your skin cells topically...

  3. Joders - I love you! this is hilarious

    Orlando in Lotus position - hot AND flexible.... nice combo...

  4. LMAO.....

    Which is the fastest way to become fat and jellus; the lard shake or wanting OB all to myself?

  5. Ducati: Wanting Orlando all to yourself is the most sure fire way of becoming fat and Jellus, but when used with Lard shakes the combined effort really has impact!

  6. Count me in. I'm along for the ride.

  7. Love the logo! I'll take a 10 pounds of the lard - I'm on an Orlando fast since, well, you know when! - KayC33