Thursday, 16 February 2012

More fashion commentary

In all fairness, I dont think I can really direct this post at the PM - after all, she is a model - and modelling unfortunate outfits is part of the modus operandi.

ok so to the image

what a shame they missed out the leash in this design..

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A tale in pictures

Poor Panty Mantis, she seems to be in some difficulty... Im glad she had some help on hand!

Owe Deayre , Ey'me loosinge mye bikini

"Canne yew helpe mee?"

"NO? Ok howe aboute Yew? yes yew yew'll do"

"whayte is wronge withe these peeple?? ah! Yew are backe againe...Yesse Yesse thaytes itte, I knowe itss a smalle bikini butte itte doesnte belonge in tehyre"

"RIghyte backe to mye beste powse!"

ETA: Obviously Im fat, jellus and want Orlando all to myself (in case you were wondering!)