Friday, 8 October 2010

More from the Mantis Inc.

Its Friday and I thought I'd spend of time selecting an update from the Mantis blog to educate us fatties in how to be more like her (i'm sure we could all do with a helping hand from the guru of beauty!)

But i came across a distinct difficulty, there were so many different examples of moronic edifying advice that i found it difficult to limit myself to just one... in short, I think a few extracts are in order.....

First off (and credit again goes to D for this find) we have Frankie the psychic healing dog...... poor thing, if that gets out there he's going to need his own management company, I wonder if either Carliii or Aileen cover dogs?

Then of course there was the normal article on the benefits of Noni juice - all stuff we've heard before i hear you cry!

But did you know that the Mantis "favourite" supplier of this key distinguishing product between us jellus cowz and her was original called Morunduh Morinda Inc.? No? Don't worry, I didnt either! but I cant help feeling they should have stuck with their old name, it seems rather apt somehow.

Then of course there is the Mantis's thoughts on cellulite. Suprisingly she thinks she's "genetically Blessed" (where have i heard that phrase before?) in this department!

The final thought I'd like to leave you with were the Mantis insightful words relating to lines round your eyes. Apparently "If we smoke, party hard and/or live a stressful, “unfriendly to our body life” this causes lines round your eyes......... (She of course is suggesting the purchase of her Eye gel as the panacea for this ills though i suspect in practice she probably finds a drop of photoshop rather a lot more effective!) Anyway, obviously sound advice but why does the saying "people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones" spring to mind...

I'm sure she'll have a spiritual response for us at some point, and in the meantime I hope I get props for promoting her site in this way!

(Yes I know Cavey: Fat, Jellus, O to myself)

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