Friday, 8 October 2010

A Fashionista

Its rare in more recent years that you'll find someone willing to compliment OB on his casual fashion style, it kinda well accepted that the man does casual in a big way! Thanks to Sis for this description about OB's outfit for the Balenciaga show

"i think it's pretty safe to say that mr bloom was dressed by the house of balenciaga for this occasion, he even wore balenciaga sneakers. whoever styled, or managed to convince him to wear balenciaga for the show should be given a raise. "

at least that explains the payment method for the show..... but its this I thought was a fair comment:

"the amazing thing is that orlando looked so relaxed in that outfit. in many cases with balenciaga, the outfit "wore" the person rather than the other way round. enough gushing, but this is the best i've seen anyone wore balenciaga menswear."

Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather him in a suit (and i think he's still working the duke look with that tache) - but I do think he's a natural clotheshorse (unlike his "wife") but more of her in a bit :D

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