Saturday, 9 October 2010

Laughing Together: More from Mantis Inc.

Sitting around on a saturday morning waiting for Waitrose to open does strange things to a person - take it from me!

I headed back over to Mantis Inc. in pursuit of a few laughs to while a way the time till the hallowed Waitrose portals opened and I could get some coffee (in fairness this could all be down to the lack of coffee in fact, but anyway..)

Looking for "fun" I clicked on her "Just for Fun" section of the blog (studiously trying to avoid the vomit inducting opening entry about how we are all going to "Laugh Together" each week - its a nice sentiment of course but I wonder if she's realised yet that I'm not sure we are "Laughing Together" I am certainly laughing but i doubt she's laughing at the same things....)
Anyway, I skilfully avoided the first entry and headed over to a post about Psychic Frankie - animals are always cute right? Two things were entertaining (in a fat n jellus way obviously) about this entry..

1) Our Mantis seems to agree with me that a video of her doing anything constitutes something that we can all laugh at - she posted a video of her doing a fashion shoot with a photographer if the title is to be believed.

2) Our Mantis sadly doesn't seem to have got the relevant permissions to show said clip, its been taken down because of a "terms of use Violation"... oops! Apparently she doesn't seem to understand video copyright any better than she understands proper referencing!

Obviously I am gutted not to have been able to Laugh Together with our Mantis, it seems I'll just have to fall back on her recent stomp down the Balenciaga catwalk for amusement - I wonder if she will find that as funny as I do!

(PS Cavey: Yes, I know)

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  1. Psssst, Mantis! I'm not laughing "with" you. But I am laughing.