Friday, 1 October 2010

An inverview from a guy with his Man Globes in a Clamp

Our Panty Mantis seems to have gotten Orlando's Man globes into an even tighter spot than we'd previously realised - its the only rational explanation for the interview below, unless of course he's fired his pr team and a certain Oz publicist has taken over..... actually that could explain it..... this comes from an interview for German Ok! (thanks D for the link.....)

I thought it was worth a closer look (indicated in blue, other comments are in Red

You shooting the first time in Germany. How do you like it here?

Excellent. The people here are all super friendly. And the food and German beer are just fabulous. I fear that I have to watch on my figure a bit.
trans: my "wife" keeps telling me I'm putting on weight, I think she's trying to project her situation onto me personally...

Do you find it very difficult to leave your pregnant wife while filming?

Yes, this time is something truly special. Hardly back from the honeymoon and have a baby on the go. But of course I will as often as I can fly to London or Miranda bring to Germany at the shooting.
Trans: No, not at all - in fact I was hoping to hide in Germany with Milla and have a few laughs, but she tracked me down .... you have to help me, she has possession of my man globes.

We both are looking forward immensely to our first child. And I am very proud to be a father soon.

That went with you and Miranda so rapidly: Shortly after your engagement was announced, you were married and now you are already a father ...
To an outsider this looks like a kind of speed dating with immediately starting a family!
Trans: I know this looks like a PR arrangement to an "outsider"
(Laughs) (ow ow my man globes)
But it is not like this. Trans: You saw what just happened to the boys, I'll say anything she wants
We have considered each step carefully. I know Miranda for over three years. And it took a while until friendship turned into love.
Trans: It took a lot of rehearsals and her getting up the duff before this turned into something more permanent

Is it true that Miranda won't give you her phone number at first?
Yes, I had to ask her manager. Miranda had a boyfriend at that time.
trans: take it from me, never drink a bottle of 20/20 all to yourself at a VS party

You were long-time solo, you've been rarely seen one with a girlfriend.

I've never been someone who has set his private life from the rooftops.
(I wonder if can still get away with saying this without the interviewer laughing....... hmm she seems to be hysterical, maybe not!)
As you can see, it's less spectacular.
( I need to calm this interview down, she's crying with laughter at my last comment still!)

And when we get to know each other paparazzi shouldn't be there.
(shit I've set the interviewer off again - laughing hysterically, and I thought we'd got a lot better at doing our set ups.... )

That sounds very confident. Did success and fame never made you insecure?

At the beginning. Therefore, I had quickly the feeling of having to withdraw more and more. It even went so far that the people I met for the first time thought I'm shy what I'm really not. But I just became a little more careful. Not all those who give you a smile really mean it good with you. Did we get a shout out?

What exactly is truth at the story that you've had been paralyzed in an accident in your early 20's?
That was a bad thing. At a party I popped from the third floor to the street and had broken my back. The doctors said that I most likely would be a case for the wheelchair. Luckily I was able to walk again after surgery.

Do you believe in fate?
Tough question. Let me answer like this: I was always religiously inclined, and spiritually. In recent years I have been interested in Buddhism. I meditate a lot and do yoga together also Miranda. We are both vegetarians. It connects us even more. Trans: I'm sorry but if I don't say what she wants me to say, she just hurts the boys even more and there is a limit to how much pain a man can take...

Would you give up acting to become Greenpeace activist?
(Laughs) No, why should I? The acting, since I can think is the biggest inspiration in my life. Working as an actor to be a good husband and father - that's enough of a challenge.
(and of course finding defensive moves to block the clamp before she gets me in it, I'm not there yet sadly..... )


  1. Thanks Slapparr, you are the best. 20/20 you upgraded him from 3 whiskey.

  2. :D thanks for link !!

    LOL 20/20 is a classy drink that I'd imagine would perfectly fit with a VS party!!

  3. "Working as an actor to be a good husband and father - that's enough of a challenge."

    WTF? Is this a direct quote? Freudian slip anyone?

  4. Sadly I think its probably the translation - but it is a most unfortunate one Sighs !!!

  5. You're right but it did make me go 'WTF?'

  6. I have to say I was feeling so caught up in his "man globe" pain I'd missed that one!!