Monday, 25 October 2010

Further Communication from the Panty Mantis

Another communication from the Panty Mantis? I'm starting to feel a bit singled out....

Deare Lusinder
Eye havve to saye eye'm a bitte hurte. Even thougehe eye've emaled yew a lotte to telle yew to aprec.... aprec.....(fuk it - eye hayte longe wordz) lyke mye booke and mye blogge yew do notte seeme to bee able to.

Ande nowe itte seemes thate yew donte knowe arte when yew see itte either! Thate Pickture off mye bottum is beeutifulle, mye frineds and mye familie all lyke it tew.....

Eye amme a bitte worried aboute Orlandoe thoughe - since mye elektric balle klamper gotte himme backe fromme beinge AWOL he's inne an evene worrse stayte thanne before. whenne eye showede him mye Artistikke pikture he started groaninge ande mutteringe , eye cante quitee make outte whate he is sayinge , butte it sounds lyke somethinge aboutte the lyttle onne (in mye bellie) ande whate its goinge to thinke..

madde? ryghte? that lyttle onne (in mye bellie) wille obviously lyke my piktures whenne he gettes older ande so wille alle of his friendz...

wotte do yew thinke? I knowe yew are jus jellus and wante orlandoe alle to ureself butte atte this rayte there wonte be anie of himme lefte to wante..

I have a few ideas for her, but I'm not sure whether I should be sharing my well considered thoughts with someone that thinks that a photo of their Chocolate starfish is art!

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  1. Can anyone else smell the stench of desperate dingho?

    Keep on ignoring her Slapparr. I'm really liking the tone of desperation that keeps on increasing in each of her subsequent emails.

    I can't believe how much fun I'm having!