Saturday, 23 October 2010

Twittering and Treasuring

I don't know - you get all excited about the signs of man globes having had a taste of freedom only to be shot down by the witterings of Mother (Panty Mantis) earth on twitter.

Having safely got Orlando's baubles back in her cracker she's back twittering away about her growing little one (in her belly), havin O all to herself, her nesting instincts and how she's going to ship the whole family over from Oz in stages.. Lucky OB - I bet he's thrilled about that!

But now for the main news of the day (and I do apolgise for the tardiness in picking this one up - I've obviously been far to focussed on Pleasure Ureself to keep tabs on what has been happening with Treasure Ureself.

In the build up to the long awaiting release, our Panty Mantis has been sharing a few more thoughts with us (from here), without further ado I I give you the following:

"Each day I practice “living in the moment – treasuring each moment and just being who I am”. I am not driven by my past and likewise, although I am committed to my future, I am not striving for it or living into it, I am present in my here and now"

I wonder how her A** hole photo fits into the above - do you think that was her being just who she is, or treasuring the moment -
One thing is for sure, I think we can all agree she's shown amazing commitment to pinning down her future by the balls....


  1. Jesus, God! This idiot sure likes the sound of her own voice doesn't she?

    my here and now is probably code for her arsehole.

  2. ....sigh
    Something M embodies.
    "undoubted fraud"
    "ignoratio elenchi"
    "ready-made opinions"

  3. Oh LOOK at that picture. One of the prettiest of the prettys. Puts me in my happy place.

  4. I was in my happy place too, until I started reading. Is their phake romance contract up yet?

  5. I'm afraid to click that link Lucinda! I'll just take your word for it over anything she has to say any day. xoxo