Thursday, 14 October 2010

Main Street Alert!

Now, please don't faint with shock but rumour has it that there is another OB movie heading for public performance... apparently Main Street is going to get its premier finally at some Aussie film festival..

For those not already dead with boredom over speculation over where baby Bloom will be born, there is some half hearted speculation over whether the Panty Mantis will see fit to use this as an excuse to get BB born in Gunnedah..

The mayor of Gunnedah, if I remember correctly, was willing to put on an entire town festival to celebrate the nuptials of our happy couple, I wonder if he would be prepared to resurrect and amend the plans to celebrate the birth?

Perhaps the Panty Mantis could have a screening of her own to give everyone inside access to exactly how a 100% organic mother deals with the pain of birthing?

I'm sure there would be ample opportunity for an impromptu signing of Treshure ureself between contractions for those 1000's of eager fans that will inevitably wait to see their home-town-girl-made-good..

so many opportunities present themselves!!!

oh no silly me - Of course I'm forgetting that both her and OB are fiercely private and secondly she's too big to fly... and that of course puts pay to the signing idea..

what a shame - the mayor will be gutted, but I guess they still have the super sekrit surprise to issue to those of us that have pre-registered for our signed copy!

Still its great news for OB, I wonder if he'll pick up that southern accent again in time for the premier?


  1. Have I mentioned lately that I love the way he says 'hazardous waaay-ste'?

  2. LOL i don't remember that one Sighs!