Saturday, 20 November 2010

Whose the Nobb?

Apparently its not Orlando (or is depending on how you read it).

Rumours (from that gospel of truth Twitter) have surfaced that Orlando has pulled out of the production and has been replaced by a remarkably similar looking actor by the name of Aaron Johnson. Whats even more of a shame is the lack of surprise this has caused, i think most people still interested have become surprised more when a movie is completed than the other way round!

I hope this isn't true, but given previous form and the tight grip the Panty Mantis has on his balls at the moment it wouldn't surprise me.

Obviously having your balls in the clutches of an expectant mantis is a full time occupation after all...


  1. Huh, I think I'd actually be MORE surprised if he DIDN'T pull out of Nobbs. Succubus Mantis must have sucked what little sense he has left along with his spirit, the sparkle in his eyes and his self respect.

  2. I think Orlando is afraid to act in a movie where his lack of skills would show. Much easier to wear a faggoty hat and wave a sword in 3 Musketeers than to actually work on a character. It will be interesting to hear what the excuse is this time - wonder if he'll complain the movie was about the class system so he would be offended to do it. He needs to stick to pirates and elves and shiz like that. Leave the real acting to others...

  3. The tweet came from someone at Chrysalis Films so I would say it is pretty save that he's not longer in it.

  4. yes I'd imagine this one is true too..... its a shame , another in the long list of things that Orlando isnt doing ......