Friday, 12 November 2010


no, I'm not talking about Orlando's eyes..... I'm talking about an award he flew in to get in Germany. He's looking pretty good here and its nice to see him with an award in his hot little hands, reminds me of the golden years!

I havent seen his acceptance speech but judging by the gesticulations and expressions he was making, I'm assuming he was illuminating the gathered press and public with his thoughts on his wife's ability to get nekkid:

"Of course my wife showing her boobies and bump to the world at large could be seen to be rather far removed from our wish to become private, but she is a very private person"

"In fact i find avoidance and drinking copious amounts of alcohol about the only way of coping with her private ways.... (shit did i say that out loud)"

Poor guy..... but at least he seems to be enjoying himself whilst his wife is lying in so to speak and I understand she's quite happy too - spending inordinate amounts of time of Facebook trying to create a stir about nothing


  1. Poor thing... Time to go back to showmance! Good luck!

  2. Slapparr, you didn't use the Bunny Ears photo???

  3. i didnt no....... as this is a photo of him looking half decent, and they are few and far between nowadays imho, i thought it was a shame to ruin it!