Saturday, 13 November 2010

Orlando goes green (again)

When I woke up this morning to find yet more news of Orlando I couldnt quite believe my eyes - We go for months with the net being saturated with pictures of his "wife" demonstrating how much she HATES getting nekkid, enlisting her FB supporters to assist her and inflicting her view of Treashureing ureself on an unsuspecting public and then suddenly Orlando springs back into action to save our eyes and our brains.

Perhaps he feels we all need a bit of a helping hand in the wanting Orlando all to ourselves category? (If so we probably better not point out to him that most people on here find past 2007 a bit of a challenge)

Anyway, on to the news of the day! Having done a quick switch to Barcelona and collected his Bambi he was photographed yesterday with Sebastian at the Cinema for Peace Green Evening in Berlin. To me they both look good (though I have to say the pair of them are looking a lot more alike than once they did) - the only slight question I have is why OB signed his signature off with 2011 underneath it, last time I checked we were still in 2010..... maybe he thinks if he jumps on a year somehow his pet mantis and her ball klamper will magically dissappear

In other more exciting news C came up with a new short name for the Tub o Lard awards which I think is more media friendly (thanks) So from now on the Tub o Lard awards will be called The Tubbies! Remember, if you come across a deserving candidate for a Tubbie, just let me know!


  1. The impossible happened - Sebastian is now better looking than Orlando.

  2. First, I agree with Anonymous. Bast is looking MUCH better than O.

    Second, here's a new nominee for the Tubbies:

  3. I have a nominee:

    Cap by Rik at Kerrazy.

  4. Oh thank goodness! When you said he'd gone green (again) I was worried he'd gone green because he was ill from having seen the mantis' most recent nudie photo. God knows I'm sick of seeing them :P

    Now I see you mean green as in environmental!

    I think it's amusing that he has to shut his fist (instead of casually hanging his hand over Sebastian's shoulder) to keep his custom designed (but clearly not custom fitted) wedding ring on.

  5. Nice one Sis - yep if the mantis could explain that, it sure would end a lot of the confusion but, a bit like her awol wedding dress, i very much doubt she can ....