Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I Knew It!

I knew that the Panty Mantis hated getting nekkid: When I read all that hurt and upset over nekkid photos of her when she was younger (you know, those ones that she sold the rights to but didnt or something like that ) I thought poor exploited girl...

Then of course there was her getting nekkid for a good cause with her koalas and her chains - that doesnt count of course its being nekkid in good spirit

And that evul perve Richardson who shot nekkid shots that also so upset her - I though poor poor taken advantage of Panty mantis..

So I wonder what possible explanation I can come up with to explain away the latest bout of nekkidness (if you are a braver person than I you can view it here

You see, she obviously HATES being Nekkid.... unless its because she wants to get famous, is supporting a good cause, is part of a pirelli shoot or is out to prove that she's the moste stunnigne and gawguss supamodell in teh worle evah (Copyrite: Joders)

Orlando must be so proud.....

(yes i know: Fat... Jellus..... O to myself AND unable to appreciate pure nekkid beauty when i see it :D)


  1. Thank you for not posting the picture.

  2. I'm not going to be able to show such constraint, I'm afraid.

    You can really tell how much she hates being nekkid, can't you?

    On a more serious note, I don't have anything against nudity when it's necessary (you know, like in the shower) or tasteful (you know, like One Night in Paris) but when it's gratuitous it just gets up my nose. There really was no reason for dingho breath to do the whole nekkid in all her knocked up glory thing (it's been done before and much better too, by Demi Moore) so this is nothing but a desperate grab for publicity. She can't get any publicity anymore unless she's nekkid (because NO ONE CARES!) and pretty soon that's gonna get real old.

    She's possibly the dumbest creature on earth. Even an amoeba has a bigger brain.

  3. "Orlando must be so proud....." Maybe he has NO balls to prevent this shit or it's ALL for money!

  4. Money of course.

  5. Actually I think Orlando is such a doofus he's probably made wallet sized pics for his friends... "Lookee what I got"

  6. So boring,it's been done again and again,and why on earth should the world be thrilled to see her nude preg pic??
    But,yes,we knew it was coming,although she's soooo private...
    Thanks,Slap',and all ladies here,to keep it at a funny level!:D

  7. Poor thang, suffering through being phorced to take all these nekkid pics. It's probably gotten to a point where her clothes automatically fall off as soon as a photog sneezes. If dropping your clothes as every available opportunity is being supah pryvate, I really don't want to know what a *real* attention seeker would do.