Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Where to start!

whenever I start of a post and realise there is just too much material its normally relating to the Panty Mantis. She seems to have projectile explosions of "Me Me Me" at regular intervals (and normally timed with some event or other she wishes to distract people from). Today is no exception!

So, where to start..

Well, for one she's started writing poetry - I was going to do a spoof of this but I just couldnt bring myself to lavish the time on it, so instead you can enjoy it in all its unadulterated glory here!. I suppose its impressive she got someone to translate it out of her native tongue!

Then, as W kindly pointed out, there seems to be a slight discrepancy on the popularity of Treashure Ureself. Earlier this week Oz Vogue reported it as being in their top 10 list of bestsellers. I thought that was slightly strange at the time given there are only meant to be 2000 copies, and it appears that amazon agrees with me. They have it ranked 1,914,100 AND its been tagged under Urban Fiction.

As if that wasnt enough the Mantis is back and resident on her facebook "sharing" away - I'm sorry PM, as funny as your comments are on there (and I am impressed that you can type with your bump too) Live in my Skin is funnier...


  1. Who is the guy? Very pretty....

  2. Urban Fiction! LMAO
    Maybe it's in their top10 but in no one elses. I still wonder if she really sold 2000 or is having 1950 stored in Daddys garage.
    I wonder how much she has stolen from others for the 'poem'. 99%? Or more?