Thursday, 4 November 2010

Pleasure Ureself: A Practical guide to being fat and jellus

Yet again it seems I am missing a trick - apparently I should also be including wise words of wisdom from experts in the field. Our Panty Mantis has being doing just that with this guy. I havent quite managed to find such a quality expert with esteemed research credibility of such high quality as the mantis, but I did find this guy:

May I introduce Dr. Bob - I think his credentials on providing advice for the fat n jellus speak for themselves (you can read about them here)

I've invited Dr. Bob to share his expertise on the fat and jellus lifestyle in practice and I'm sure you will all find his contributions illuminating.

This does leave with a gap in expertise over the "wanting Orlando all to yourself" section though....

Sighs... you seem like the ideal candidate to me - are you available? I can have my people talk to your people if you are?


  1. Dr. Bob looks like Leo D looking at a fun house mirror.

  2. Shucks folks, I'm speechless...Slapparr, you honor me.
    Have your people contact my people and we'll do lunch.

  3. ah sighs I'm so happy - i'll get my people to call your people now and lunch sounds fabulous!

  4. You know what I think is funny? I think it's funny that you keep using the word "trick" in your posts about MK.

  5. obviously completely unintentional wanda.... the words just seem to write themselves...