Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A touch of Spelt...

I think by now we all appreciate the business head the Panty Mantis has on her. Whether or not you appreciate tru luuurve when you see it, there is no denying that the Mantis has made some smart personal business decisions along the way:

The decision to drop a Certain Oz Publicists brother in favour of Orlando cant be described as anything other than sound commercial sense by a fat n jellus person such as myself.

The decision to use Orlando as the biggest publicity vehicle since Lady Godiva rode into the arena claiming she had simply nothing to wear can only be thought of as good business sense.

The decision to Trap have a little one (in her belly) and encourage the matrimonial processes along could almost be described as machiavelian.

So the whole Kora / Treashure ureself thing is perhaps slightly lower than the usual high standards one has come to expect of Team Mantis but her decision to go start up a line of products that both tick the organic box whilst contributing to the fat n jellus fraternity is pure business gold.

(Thanks to W for linking me up!)