Sunday, 14 November 2010

End of Intermission

Sadly our few days of news where Orlando was more prevalent than his Mantis seem to be over. This morning I have been deluged with what seems like an entire dung heap of Mantis Drivel.

We can start with Orlando and his words of joy / suicidal expresssioned interview.... I have to hand it to the Bambi interviewer - they spent an awful lot of time flashing the mantis boobies but it was that classic moment when the asked Orlando how he felt about it all and he came out with some stock answer and looked completely embarrassed - poor sod! Not for the first time recently I really felt for him.. Still he looked a lot happier attending his cousins screening of his new enviro flick (above)! Enjoy it while you can OB, we all heard the enthusiasm in your voice when you were describing Christmas with your inlaws .....

But enough of that, let us move on to the Mantis appearance on an Oz TV show. The thing that tickled me in the small part I could actually stomach watching was that obviously the interviewer wasn't quite appreciating the Mantis' success enough for her, to the extent that her second or third response effectively involved telling him how well she'd done. Sadly that was the highlight, it started on a low point and went downhill from there in my opinion, but thats probably because i am one of the fat and jellus..

Then of course we have the written media coverage of our favourite Earth mother. I don't know about you but i was very glad to hear that she will be "present" for the birth ( it could get a bit messy if she wasn't there), some fabulous advice about lifestyle and the immortal lines that unlike us fat n jellus cowz she doesnt come home after a stressful day and reach for the Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape 2007 and the TV remote. Instead she (and apparently poor old OB too) get to meditate and do power yoga... no wonder Orlando is looking a tad rough round the edges, I just hope he gets plenty of slobbing in when he's away from home...

Isn't it interesting how she reveals all about her pregnancy right when the VS shows are in the press... i'm sure thats just a coincidence though, after all, we ALL know how private she is.....


  1. I love how "CLUSTER FUCK" is right above his head. Perfect.

  2. What did he say in the interview about his Christmas plans? The damn interviewer cuts over w/her translation & I can't make it out??!!

  3. LOL Thal.... sometimes pictures are poetry!

    @Anomers: he said it would be a unique time and that he'd have the "pleasure" of spending it with his inlaws...... oh lucky him ....

  4. OB deserves that and much more. He is a fool and a vain person. He NEEDS to be with beautiful, rich and famous girls.He has 1 now. Joy yourself mate!

  5. Slapparr, so this means for his own family to just f*** off at the holidays? Guess Sam will have to settle for airport presents....

  6. Well, I guess this seals it, Whorelando will NEVER be a good actor. Damn man, you're a bleedin' ACTOR, can't you ACT like you were really enthusiastic about the nekkid pic, ACT like you were *really* proud to have your *wife's* pregnant coochie out there for the world to see? ALL men should be as generous as you and not want to keep their wives' private parts to themselves...