Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Bronze Mantis

It was only a matter of time before our panty mantis pea sized brain cottoned on to the benefits of having a bronze of her bump done, lets face it - lots of actual celebrities have done it before; a bit like reinventing the wheel, but a bronze bump......

Think of the advantages:

1) She could get her photo on it on the front of not only celeb magazines (by mentioning Orlando obviously) but she could also get it on the cover of Sculpture Magazine and other similar publications as a work of art.

2) She could use it to carry round the vat load of Noni juice she must be drinking by now to keep herself going.

3) She could carry round her own personal supply of spelt wherever she goes.

4) She could use it to keep hold of Orlando's balls - its probably a bit better at keeping them undamaged than their current resting place of her handbag.

5) When the mini mantis is born she doesnt have to shell out on a crib - she can wack some Kora wrapping in to her bronze bump and make it a bed in there.

6) Finally and most importantly - there is a small chance that Orlando might show some genuine interest in a sculpture of the baby (in her belly) - after all he's always said its something he loves!


  1. I keep meaning to tell you, I found spelt. I have a picture and an amusing story. Stay tuned.

  2. ah cool - I still have no idea what it is or even whether its practical to carry round in a bronze bump...

    but since when did practicalities stop me !