Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Live in my Skin .... again

I have to hand it to the author(s) of this blog - this is one of the funniest parodies I've seen yet of our Panty Mantis - not only the posts but the characterization of the posters....

L.I.M.S - I take my hat off to you - and may I say that there probably is someone somewhere at this very moment constructing a fan page for Orlando's bodily fluids....... but its probably polite not to guess who!


  1. Absolutely, she wins the prize for most hilarious OB satire blog, and there's some pretty stiff competition out there!

  2. Stiff? Orlando's bodily fluids? Hey people, I have to work here!

    Whoever you are, L.I.M.S., you are an absolute riot!

  3. There is indeed Wanda! We should be instituting a Quality OB Blogger award !

    @ Sighs ... breath deeply!! (and will get a pretty up for you in the next post, I realise i have been rather slack!

  4. Looking forward to it. I needs a pretty!