Sunday, 7 November 2010

"I Don't Believe It!"

This post title was meant to be a bit of a "One Foot in the Grave" Expression of surprise but when I thought about it I ACTUALLY don't believe this next one..

Apparently that cloth covered heirloom that can be passed down through the generations has sold out according to the Panty Mantis' blog. How absolutely devasting! I'm one of the unlucky hundreds that didnt manage to get my order in ahead of the rush :(.

Putting professional rivalry aside for one moment (though probably not being able to quite put down the fat n jellus aspect - thats rather integral to me I'm afraid) she's sold out? How many copies did they get done ... 10? Or, and here's a really way out scenario, perhaps they havent actually sold out and are instead building a pre xmas buzz so that lots of poor impressionable young women wake up on xmas morning to find out that they are being faced with advice on how to pin positive words onto glasses of water, eat what their ancient ancestors ate and dream about actors!

Whatever the reality of the situation, this does give me the opportunity to fill the gap in the market with the first edition of Pleasure Ureself: A Practical Guide to being fat and jellus, Volume I. Its not cloth covered and I doubt you'll want to pass it onto your children ( I think they'd have too much problems with Orlando all to themselves part to be honest) but it is available for purchase, I've signed it and it does have Dr. Bob!

To order : please email my sales team on


  1. 10? That's a bit generous isn't it?

    BTW, have you seen the personalisation in her comic book? When she said she had a surprise and the first books sold would be personalised I thought she meant (at least) something like her usual with love and light, Moronduuhhh. But all the poor sap who showed her personalised copy of the comic book on facebook was Dear person's name, love Moronduuhhh.

    I guess the surprise is that even without opposable thumbs, the dimwit can write her own name.

    Meanwhile, I'm going to order my very own personalised copy of Pleasure Ureself: A Practical Guide to being fat and jellus, Vol 1 right NOW!

    PS Dr Bob rocks!

  2. *orders her copy*
    I sooo can't wait for it to have it in the mail! Will read it from cover to cover nonstop. I think I order an extra huge pack of F&J Lard with it. I don't want to run out over the holidays. :)

  3. i was feeling kind joders - nice personalisation though PM - it almost sound as quality as Orlando's autograph - but yes its a miracle that she can write her own name ! (are you sure SHE did it??)

    The first shipping of books will be going out this evening, with not only a personalisation from me, but also one from Dr. Bob too aaaand we wont be closing over the festive season - in fact we;ll be opening up a 24/7 helpline to help you make the most of the opportunities to fatten up!

  4. Orders 3 for home, one to leave at work and one copy to carry around with me. I need the extra help with wanting OB all to myself beyound 2006.