Friday, 12 November 2010

And the next TOL award goes to......

*Drum Roll....*

Flyer talk

for their suitable snarktastic account of (you've guessed it) the Panty Mantis' missing wedding dress. I wonder if the hullabaloo over this dress is down to peoples strong feeling that if she had it back she might be more tempted to wear clothes more generally...

And congratulations to the commenters on Flyer Talk too - I am quite happy to send out our fabulous Runner up medals to the relevant posters...


  1. I just read the commments and LOL! Man are they seriously bashing her. So cool.

  2. *gg*priceless!

  3. Oh, those people at Flyer Talk truly are deserving of that Tubbie. So many FatJellusHaters there who want Orlandoe to themselves have renewed my motivation to Pleasure myself with your guide. The wanting-orlandoe part is a little hard but I find if I go look at pics from 2007 and earlier, it helps a lot.

  4. Absolutely no love for the the dim-witted stupormodel from my peeps at Flyertalk. Fatjellushaterz all of them and proud of it, eh!


  5. Bellz i commend your continued efforts - yep, if you are struggling keep with the 2007 for the moment, dont look at anything more recent until you are back on firmer ground...