Friday, 5 November 2010

Matching your diet to your fat cell type

Guten Morgen! For my first post as part of the Pleasure Ureself team, I vanted to concentrate on making sure that you are eating the right varieties of Lard for your fat cell type.

This is very important, Vithout this you vill not achieve your fat and jellus objectives.
For example I am Lard Cell Type 10. This means that I must concentrate on Lard with a 90% or more fat content. This is because my body vill not put on veight so effectively vith anything lower

If you are lard Cell type 5, this means that you are closer to your fat goal and need to ingest fat vith a much higher fat content! I'd recommend something vith a 95% plus pure fat component. Othervise you vill find that your veight gain plateaus and you vill not get any fatter.

The All Original Lard gel vill satisfy both of these fat Cell types and is available on mail order in both in full and travel sizes.

Over the next few veeks I vill give you examples and links of products that have this high percentage of fat. Please purchase them for these specific sites othervise I vill not get the profits...

Until next time

Dr. Englebert Johann Bob

Editors comments: can I apologise to our German readers in advance for the gratuitous transliteration of Dr Bob's German accent - he gave me this over the telephone and I felt it was key to emphasising his words of wisdom)


  1. Dr Bob, I'm not sure what my Lard Cell Type is. Do you offer personal consulations if you know what I mean?

  2. @joders
    I asked Dr. Bob and he said he is happy always happy to offer a personal consultation - and he'll do it for free since you are the face of EC - now dont say i never do anything for you !

  3. Thanks Slapparr! I guess it really is who you know, not what you know ;)