Monday, 1 November 2010

Our Mantis the Actress?

Well, Here is a good reason why whilst Orlando maybe able to break into the world of modelling, I very much doubt his "wife" is going to score her own blockbuster any time soon.

Being the magnanimous Hater that I am, I am going to start by giving props to her for doing it at all, there is no doubt its a serious issue that needs celebrity support (though I suspect that more of a celebrity might have had more of an impact.. but anyway)

I have one main suggestion though which I hope will be helpful to our aspiring mantis:
perhaps a bit less of an "all about me" style of delivery on something like this would be more appropriate in the future, an approach that demonstrates a more comprehensive understanding of the difference between modelling and acting?

Through most of that clip the mantis was pouting and looking like she was advertising stomach extenders (seriously useful if you are fat n jellus and dont want your stomach to drop - I'll get onto that later). I don't think I need to go into the rest of whats wrong with that do I? After all she has Orlando to help her on the delivery of words, though it is impressive that she's broken out of the more standard dingoese for this occasion!

For the record PM the above Photo of Orlando is the face you are trying to achieve when talking about serious illness and suffering, the pout doesn't work so well...

Speaking of which, thats the other shocking thing about this clip, the size of her stomach - is it me or has that baby (in her belly) had one hell of a growth spurt since we saw her being 'caught out' by her paps at LAX

Yes, I know (everyone join in!) FAT.... JELLUS..... ORLANDO ALL TO MYSELF!


  1. I have two words for her. Dumb. Bytch.

    Yes, yes, I know. FAT..... JELLUS..... ORLANDO ALL TO MYSELF!

    In stereo even. On the count of three, Slapparr, 1, 2, 3......

  2. I'm ready :D

    Im perversely glad shes started doing stuff like this - her modelling and writing abilities have ceased to hit the spot amusement wise, but hopefully her "filming" career will provide a fresh wave of entertainment...

  3. I refuse to watch that video. That is all.

  4. then your eyes are less damaged than mine currently are wanda.... all in all I think your approach was wiser - my ears are still ringing with the sound of that voice too ....

  5. Like fingernails down a chalk board.

  6. I watched the video on mute (thankfully).

  7. How kind of her to help a fatjealoushater, but my CT scan didn't reveal one. Not going near the belly issue today, but I did think she was attempting to sound more English than Australian. And the girlie smile/laugh was killed any sense of sincerity she may have otherwise had filming the PSM. - KayC33