Monday, 15 November 2010

Tub o Lard Awards

Thanks for all your suggestions for Tubbies so far - I've been dishing out awards or runners up medals as they come in.

But today as very special award is given to the Mantis' granny. Although perhaps not the most obvious choice for a coveted Tubbie some of her lines in the recent interview the Mantis did makes her highly deserving in my opinion! Not least for her real reaction to the Panty Mantis' nicker modelling gig

Congratulations Granny Mantis! Today the Tubbie goes to you!

I burned my eye sockets out a little further this morning to watch a bit more of this - actually what a fantastic interview - between granny and the interview there really are some priceless moments in there. I particularly enjoyed the opening lines when the interviewer obviously doesnt give our mantis enough praise so she doles some out to herself, and of course anything granny said ....


  1. I like Granny Mantis best out of all the Mantis family. Hopefully without the knocked up model mantis to muzzle her Granny might accidently slip up....

  2. This friggin practically made my week so I thought I'd post it here in consideration of a Tubbie, though I don't really know who the person is...

    Thanks to someone who posted it on Kerrazy Lies. My apologies if someone has posted it before.

  3. Bellz, thanks so much for this - they not only get A tubby, they get THE Tubby for blogging brilliance!