Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Has anyone see my dress?

Perhaps not the most groundbreaking of cries from the Panty Mantis; after all she seems to have difficulty locating her clothes every time a camera is pointed in her direction so in one sense it stands to reason that she was going to loose her entire outfit at some point! But this is a serious issue..

I'm very sorry to report that the Panty Mantis has had her luggage stolen and not just any luggage, the luggage with her dress that she trapped married OB in...... so (sadly) she wont be able to wear it when she celebrates with all her friends in australia that they got married. (psst Joders, Wanda, Mayor of Gunnedah - I think we could be back on with the wedding again... I'll keep you posted...)

Even better, she is also asking for "brutally honest feedback" on Treashure ureself so I thought, being the lovely fatty I am, that I'd help out. From her facebook:

"I love the posts from people who have been reading my book. I want you to be brutally honest with me in your reviews, that way I can ensure when I write the next one that I understand what you want.

OK PM I can be brutally honest seeing as you asked:

You're WRITING the next one?????? well thats progress if ever I saw it!

There are rumours through that gospel of truth twitter that OB is back in the UK - lets hope so - what with the threat of having to repeat the most traumatic day of his life with his inlaws and the breaking news that his "wife" is still labouring under the illusion that she can string a sentence together, he probably needs somewhere to hide out right now!


  1. Are you gonna post the pic of the PM in all her naked pregnant glory?

  2. Four months later and she is now complaining about her lost luggage. Did it take her that long to realize it was missing?

  3. It's like I'm always telling my kids, put your things away when you're done with them other wise they'll get lost.

    She probably just took her dress off like usual and put it somewhere and forgot about it.

  4. Relax everyone. I found the dress! It's got pretty embossed patterns on it and I got it real cheap. $9.78 for a pack of 18, 3 ply. The designer is Quilton by Woolworths.

    Since there wasn't any actual wedding the dress is made of toilet paper. You know the design. We've all made a toilet paper wedding dress at our girlfriends bachelorette parties, right.

    Anyway, she didn't actually LOSE it, she USED it and since the poor love has been so consumed with all those nekkid photos doing the rounds, she forgot that she wiped her hairy little dingho arse with it some months ago.

  5. ah well done Joders - thats probably just as well - apparently she hadnt even started giving the airline any information so that they can locate it for her..... isnt it nice she has such faith in her "friends" on FB to help her, if it were me I'd be giving the airline a full report - but then of course I'm fat n jellus and dont have any friends...

  6. Heh, prolly being hounded by her phan(s)to post her 'wedding' pichures and since there wasn't any, she'll have to come up with an excuse. "ohhh, big bad airline lost my luggage, with all my airlooms and pichures so I can't post any for y'all to see. love miranda xxx"

    If I lose my luggage, I'd wait a few months and then go on phakebook and ask people for "advice" also, instead of actually checking with the airline.