Thursday, 11 November 2010

Boss Man Bloom

Hoorah, I can actually start this post of with something Orlando related - He's starting to crank up a gear in preparation for his role Pimping Hugo Boss Orange!

As I've said before I do like his modelling and I'm looking forward to seeing another big campaign with him in, but I hope the above photo isnt going to be the style of the ads... To me it makes him look camper than Christmas at Butlins and I'm not sure that look is going to sell MAN's fragrance to MEN! Still at least when OB says he has a high profile campaign thats what you get - unlike others I could mention

Talking of whom, our Panty Mantis seems to have gone into overdrive.... you remember that dress thats been AWOL for 4 months, you know - the one that she went on facebook to enlist the help of the masses in locating.... the one that she didnt actually use any official chanels to locate at all.... Well I have to hand it to her! She's great at using any situation to her advantage - apparently the designer will replace her dress for her at no cost - way to go Panty Mantis!

Still at least we know why all this has suddenly kicked off now - VS have just finished shooting their latest show - the PM has obviously thought if she can get some nekkid photos out there of her she'll be contributing in spirit if nothing else...


  1. I hope that Hugo Boss don't photo shop him to death.

  2. His head looks too big for his body.