Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The expression of overwhelming joy?

I wasn't going to post anything today - i'm in the process of preparing a little spelt special for you all...

But I couldnt resist the above. The exact moment at which Orlando is faced with nekkid picture of his "wife". Doesnt he look ecstatic? Isn't he expressing the joy and pride he articulates a few seconds later....

Or is the look closer to that of a french aristocrat two seconds before the guillotine strikes..

The whole sequence is quite special in fact... you can see it here but I should warn you, there is copious exposure of the pregnant mantis in her natural state ..... nekkid!

Your call ladies and gentlemen!


  1. "a french aristocrat two seconds before the guillotine strikes"

    Slappar great capation....I am no mind reader but I think he is going,"phucking bitcha, just smile, just smile,...."

  2. Someone noticed that OB seems to be holding the part of the paper with the pic away from him.

  3. Love this close up:

    His eyes glow, don't they? Lol

  4. Party of one here. I look at that video and think he is one step away from tearing up. Maybe not over her, but maybe over the baby, the idea of fatherhood? I think he's far more into this than what I've read here so far from the others, so I guess I'll be sitting in left field all by myself on this one. I'm saying he's got it bad and he's totally into the upcoming big event of fatherhood.

    Sadie Jo

  5. While he doesn't look all "HEY I'M ABOUT TO BECOME A FATHER" and have a glow or big grin about him, I don't see what everyone else is seeing :-/ To me he seems how he always does "meh" about everything, I really am beginning to think that is just how he is.

    Sadie Jo, I respect your opinion of course, but why isn't he absolutely glowing and so excited and happy about this like any other father to be is when talking about this kind of thing? I would agree, but I am mostly seeing a "meh" to him all the time. Maybe once it is born he will be over the moon and his life may change, but I'm not seeing the excitement OR any tearing up in him, he just seems so "whatever" to me, the only thing that has me thinking he is fine about her doing this is also the "so proud of her, more beautiful than ever"- I dont think he would have said as much as that if he had been pissed off at her doing this/didnt know about it/thought "ew".

    Again I guess I stopped seeing the "sad and trapped" orlando a long time ago, I think he is ok with the situation, otherwise he wouldnt be in it, not all couples have to be together to raise a baby.


  6. The thing is, Nef, that he didn't *used* to be that way about everything. He used to be a very enthusiastic person, very full of life and excitement about everything he did.

    Personally, i think if he'd tearing up it's not out of happiness but a realization of what he's gotten himself into.

    - IcarusEros

  7. "so proud of her, more beautiful than ever"- IMO just words to not sound unkind. He is a BAD actor but an actor yet. He says what is convenient!

  8. I think he's thinking, 'yeah, I know those titties.'

  9. And I think he's thinking " this b.... is naked AGAAAAAAAIIIIINNNN? Her nipples are HIDEOUS". Ewwwwwwww.