Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Rocking it?

I'm afraid there are no prizes for guessing why yesterday was a great day for having a pap set up..... with the VS show on air this week it stands to reason that our Mantis needs to do something to maintain focus on the new arrival..

Our poor hounded couple were unluckily "caught out" by those evul paparazzi coming out of a rock concert in LA. It seems that in addition to getting a rounded belly to show off in that see-thru travel dress/top she is also getting some of the other side effects of pregnancy...

PM: Orlandoe eye thinke eye neede to brake wynde, canne yew slowe downe a bitte?
OB: What did you say? (oh f**k i know that expression - pap guys, you might want to run for cover)

OB: Ok guys run for your lives! I have a protective nasal salve so I'll hold her here while you escape.
PM: Orlandoe! Whatte the fucke du yew thinke yew ahr doinge, yew arh sendinge awaye mye friendzs befour theye have hadde a chanse to tayke mye pickture!

OB: I'll tell you something for nothing - this salve is not all its cracked up to be!


  1. Damn Dingho looks scary. At least more than usual.

  2. LOL that second pic it likes she saying I'm over here guys and he's say don't even think about talking to them! - KayC33

  3. LMAO!! That last comment made me LOL so loud, and that's definitely not a thing to do at work!

    Dingho's getting pretty predictable, isn't she? Guess we don't have to wonder anymore what she was going to do to get herself in the media's faces when VS's doing their show...

    What's really sad is The Whorely taking part in this media whoring...well, I guess you'll have to do *something* when you're fast approaching has-been territory.