Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Goodbye 2010 (PM Style...)

I was feeling a bit of the post Christmas Blues so I thought I'd mosey on over to Panty Mantis Central to see if she had anything that would cheer me up...and she did - a special Farewell 2010 post! Lets have a look shall we?

Apart from being full of the normal PM rubbish... it ended up with a serious of... you've guessed it... positive affirmations. I thought it would be a good idea to translate them into Fat'n'Jellus...

May you take from 2010 whatever has served you. (ok PM, we'll take your offerings for 2010 - they've "served" us extremely well in the humour stakes)

May you leave in the past anything that has not served you or will not serve you in the future. (to be fair i'm less sure on this one - Im not a person who turns down a good laugh when it comes along)

May you find peace, acceptance and happiness in “being” you. (Totally down with this one - I'm peaceful, accepted and happy being fat'n'jellus and wanting Orlando all to myself)

May you find grace, joy and contentment and may you learn to love yourself so that you can love others fully. (is this a shoutout?)

May you be slow to anger or resent and free from guilt or shame. (ah No! THIS is the shoutout!!)

May you experience with each breath just how incredible you really are. (yes yes, I'm incredibly fat - got that one!)

May you love unconditionally. (as hard as I've tried in 2010 I doubt i'm going to get to a stage where I'm going to be loving the PM unconditionally in 2011)

May you let go of hatred or animosity towards others and instead offer compassion, understanding and acceptance. (two shoutouts in one offering from the PM... it must be christmas!)

May you experience the fullness of life, create your life daily and be who you came on this earth to be. (a brief reminder she lyving the lyfe, just in case we'd forgotten )

May you open your wings and fly……(if only you would PM... far far away.....)

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  1. Wonder if those VS wings would hold up to the sun's heat? If not it wouldn't be nearly as tragic as Icarus' case. That is not a wish by the was and just because somebody says something does not mean somebody should try! - KayC33