Friday, 24 December 2010

Hold the Press the Mantis said something intelligent!!!!

There! that caught your attention didnt it? - Obviously she hasnt that would be the equivalent of the earth becoming the sky but I thought it was an arresting headline :D

I couldnt decide whether to post the latest and even hotter picture of Orlando as "The Boss" or Orlando in the rain, unhappily caught yet again by those evil paparazzi looking like the model out of the timotei advert...

It probably doesnt matter which since Orlando is so much better at modelling than his "wife" that neither are exactly hard on the eye..

I have to say I've lost the will to live in relation to the Panty Mantis at the moment - i'm sure i'll manage to raise some interest once the little one (in her belly) comes along - she's bound to do something stupid ....


  1. I look forward to the Earth Mother's mothering tips. Clearly she will know best.

  2. in this as in all things GH :)