Friday, 10 December 2010

It really is a Pappy Christmas

Though thankfully the latest round of set ups only has Orlando in them and not our preggers Mantis... i imagine Orlando's ability to perform stunts would be seriously compromised with that on the back of his bike!

The mean buggers at X17 wont let me post the pictures so the link is here and the pretty is by way of an alternative

Excitingly (and also as R pointed out probably the reason for the profusion of paparazzi photos in the last few days) Orlando is also rumored to be reprising his Leggy Role

i dont think I'm quite in a minority of one on this one (though the reception has not been universally overwhelming) but for me its a big case of woooooohooooooooo!

(I was far more focused on Viggo in the first three, I'm hoping I can refocus for this one :D)


  1. Ahhh...the Once and Future Elf. Thanks for the Pretty!

  2. He looks so gay!!! But since that's the only way he can act, I guess it's a good thing he's getting his old gig back. Wow, way to expand your boundaries as an actor, Orly. Doofus.

  3. It will be good to see him back as Legolas again even if it means copious airbrushing and photoshopping with the odd shot of botox. The only bad thing is the likelihoood that Dr and Mrs Mantis will be in the southern hemisphere and I'll have to put up with the arse licking and kow towing the Oz press is going to carry on with.

    Perhaps though, it will give me the chance to get dingho breath to sign the copy of Trezzuh Urselph that I haven't purchased yet and dedicate it to Delphi.

  4. Oh and I forgot to say it looks like Whorely's pants have shrunk in those x17 pics. That's what he gets for letting a praying mantis do his washing for him. Married (hahahhhaaa) for four and half minutes and she's already trying to change him (hahaahahahahaa!).

  5. Just in case you want to add the x17 pics they are up at OBT. ;)
    I was more about Aragorn, too. Legowhat? Should have stayed with him and ignored the wannabe/hasbeen. Would have saved me from this mess. :/

  6. @Joders When a "wife" shrinks a mans pants in England - that has a whole raft of new consequences over what you're referring to :P

    @Sis73 - thanks!