Thursday, 16 December 2010

Can't be a**ed

I was going to follow on from Orlando's Christmas joke to us all with an update on what the Panty Mantis has been polluting the atmosphere with recently on her blog....

I could of picked out the fact she's now posted up a link to her "homemade" granola topped with Goat..... or the fact that her product range has finally got its Eco-Cert months after she first said it had...... or that one of her team has some fabulous advice about how fathers change when their other halves get pregnant (In case you are wondering , strangely ORlando does not seem to be fitting into this profile very well...)

but actually, I cant be bothered to summon enough enthusiasm to do it today...

instead I'm going to settle in under my Duvet, in my specially adapted kitchen and consume ten tubs of lard....

At least Orlando knows how to get a reaction!


  1. LOL 10 tubes of lard? You must have had a REALLY bad day! *hugs*
    Is it proven that it's certified or is she again just claiming it?

  2. Enjoy your lard, my dear. Do you have internet access under your duvet? I sent you an e-mail.

  3. sorry Wanda, i didnt! But am alive and kicking today ... will reply :)

    @Sis - no idea but I'm sure the bloodhounds of the fandumb will expose her if shes made another visit to fairy tale land....

  4. If she says it is and it isn't she has EcoCert standing on her front door. You can't joke with them but I fear she isn't smart enough to understand that...