Thursday, 9 December 2010

What REALLY happened at the Staples Centre

PANTY MANTIS: coooeeeee! eyem hear freindz, doynt eye looke lovelee! Eye'm notte sure whate Orlandoe is laffinge aboute butte nevah minde, for once he lookes lyke hes havinge fun while eye'm arounde

ORLANDO:Oh God Baste, I think I'm finally loosing it - how much longer do I have to be in the same airspace as her. Look! My brains so shot to shit that I can't do my jacket up and I keep bursting out with bouts of uncontrollable hysteria!

SEBASTIAN: Dude! Pull yourself together. If you're going to have a breakdown the Staples Centre Car Park is not the place for it. If its got to the stage where you cant even get your jumper done up we really do have a problem.... (thinks: Oh god, my poor poor cousin, I need to get him some help and fast)

OTHER GUYS: OK so Orlando Bloom is laughing, do you think its now that his 'wife's' going to get her titties out?


  1. Orlando got trouble with the zip fastener.He retrograded to a 3-years-old child XD Poor Whorely!And why the panty mantis doesn't help him?She grins and that's all.

    Ps 1:I'm hungarian and I don't speak english quite well so apologize for the mistakes :)
    Ps 2:I made a video about Orlando from the pre-mantis time, when he was happy and smile all time and so on.Here is the link :
    Thanx for watching!

  2. Hello Tyria
    (you have a lovely name BTW)

    the PM always grins - it takes a lot less brain activity than conversation or avoidance

    your english is fine BTW :D

  3. Hi!
    My name is Dóra in fact (as Aunt Dora in Elizabethtown;)).Tyria is one of the carachters of my Lotr-fanfic :)

  4. @Tyria / Dora - an even cuter name :)