Saturday, 18 December 2010

Has Anyone seen my Dress?

Oh Dear oh dear.... the poor panty mantis, my heart goes out to her - still no sign of her lost luggage or her dress she had flown in for her "surprise wedding" - shame on you American Airlines! Must you really have a form completed with meaningless details before you start looking? Don't you know you are dealing with?

Look, she's really upset:

(From her FB) Thank you so much hon, I will definitely contact them. No sign of my bag or dress, but nevermind, let's hope it will turn up xxx Miranda

I hope she appreciates my help on this enough to help me with another small query I have..... this is also an extract from her FB (courteously provided by the girls at Delphi)

" Honey, did you mean the baby was actually having his hair coloured at a salon or something?
you what now? a baby having its hair coloured at a hair salon? I'm highly

I would never colour my hair while pregnant good good and if I do colour my hair I try to ensure it is as natural and as healthy as possible
hang on so you dont do and if you do it its completely (and unsurprisingly) natural - my head hurts! lots of love Miranda xxx


  1. No sign of my bag

    It's not nice of her to speak of her Nan in that manner!

    or dress

    Try telling the truth Moronduuhhh, there never was a dress, was there? Because there never was a real wedding. Right?

    Dear God, I am so tired of this tiresome moron, I barely have the strength to type.

  2. @joders, you have my sympathy - i find it hard too...