Wednesday, 29 December 2010

To pap or not to Pap

It seems to me that if you dont want the paparazzi around you - its probably not the best idea in the world to have them on one of your speeddial numbers on your "wifes" phone...

sadly it seems Orlando has missed that trick and had to resort to approach 2: having a strop and grabbing the camera off the unlucky pap.....

They seemed to have made up (OB and the Paps) later on though - as he was "caught" out on a cycling trip with a couple of friends courtesy of JJ

Who said damage control was history!


  1. If he's happy man than I'm Lady Gaga!

  2. And I'm the queen of Old-Zealand! XD He looks soooooo old and tired!
    He would be need a caring and nice girlfriend or wife not this stupid alien creature from the moon.

  3. omg omg ORlando is a bad person!!He likes paparazzi!!! I think if he is is upset he must be very impolite to people! SO WRONG!

    Miss ;(

  4. and and Orlando has a skinny ass!!

    Miss :(

  5. and and Orlando has a skinny ass!!

    That's not true! She's as big as the side of a house at the moment!