Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Just when you thought I'd forgotten!

I happened on the Whora Blog again and guess what i found? The antithesis of Pleasure Ureself: A Practical Guide to being Fat'n'Jellus advice on building yourself up to ensure you are a true fatty....

Having read through the offering here - I think we can turn this advice back round to something useful though, after all they seem to feel little need to reinvent the wheel and I am off the same mind:

Do you find yourself saying that you will only like yourself when you reach that perfect weight? Studies show that you need plenty of confidence in yourself in order to successfully gain weight. This is because you need to trust that you’ll stick with an eating and exercise plan; without this belief you’ll end up saying, “What’s the use?” and give up. Unless you like yourself, it’s impossible to have any trust, faith, or confidence in yourself.

You see, that was easy, I only needed to change one word to make that work for the community of fat'n'jellus people.... As you guessed, there are also some positive affirmations to help you on your way - so I thought I'd give you my "take" on them

I feel good about who I am
i have put a hell of a lot of effort into being fat'n'jellus and am proud of my success
I am a lovable person, and others are attracted to me
I am fabulously fat and know of many places where the people only like you if you are enormous
I achieve success in whatever I do
my ever-growing bulk is confirmation of how successful I am being
I deserve happiness
I deserve that extra tub of lard
I have the right to change my life to suit my personal needs
I am all wise and all knowing and excellent at consuming lard
I choose to make myself happy
I choose to make myself fat and as jellus as possible
Today, I’m taking steps towards a happier life
Today, I'm taking steps towards a fat and jellus life
I love myself
I love being fat'n'jellus and wanting Orlando all to myself

there you go guys, I hope you found that helpful


  1. "I love being fat'n'jellus and wanting Orlando all to myself"

    My favorite affirmation.

  2. I have the right to change my life to suit my personal needs

    So this is what her version of buddhism is all about, is it? And apparently she has the right to change other peoples lives to suit her personal needs as well. Just chant for whatever it is you want.

    Does she actually listen to herself? This is mindless drivel.

    At least we're having fun with Pleasure Ureself and Ensurient Corpulence. And it's doing wonders for our self esteem!

    How boring her life must be.