Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Hot Boss

Its not often you can say those two words in the same sentence... but when it comes to OB's Boss adverts you certainly can!and yet again Orlando shows how much better he is at modelling than his "wife"


  1. I have 2 things to say about that shot: 1) SQUEEEEEEEE! ; Nom nom nomnomnom and Yowzaaa!
    3...3 things to say...

  2. Good God! I need an extra large crate of lard delivered by email and I need it before Christmas! New Year at the very latest!

    Looks like Sighs4l needs some lard too. The poor thing was so overcome by that photo that she forgot how to count!

  3. What are those weird marks on his arms? Tats? Am sorry but all the photoshop in the world can't make him hot again IMHO...

  4. @ Joders - I can get you out a crate express delivery for the 24th if you are prepared to pay a little extra on the postage - let me know!

    @Anomers - we had this discussion a while back and I think the general consensus was tats...

  5. Postage is no barrier, Slapparr. I'll pay whatever it costs!