Thursday, 2 September 2010

Photo Boy

If it hadnt been for Mystic's nudge, the new GQ photoshoot tasters would have completely passed me by! I've been a bit preoccupied with my duathlon training schedule compounded by more than a slight overload of Mantis bump news..... anyway....

OB apparently is in GQ US, and you've guessed it, he's on a bike!

I know, I know - the shock is all too much - still he looks quite cute in a scruffy kind of way - obviously the "wedding" and Mantis spawn press releases have managed to get both of them into the magazines this month!

Also, OB's witness statement has been released by E-online here . It made a fairly amusing read all in all, I particularly enjoyed the bit when he seemed to infer that the Panty Mantis wasn't living with him and also the volume of Deus stuff he had robbed. If she could read English, I'm sure he'd pay dearly for that slip but as it wasnt translated into dingoese, he'll probably get away with it!

Poor bloke though, the whole thing does sound like a bit of a nightmare for him - hopefully now he'll invest in a safe!


  1. I clicked on the link with his testimony and it seriously slows down my computer. Can someone give me a summary?

  2. lots about what he lost (watches and deus gear); a bit about how invasive he found it and how he suspected people close to him of being involved (including his cleaner!); a line about how his "girlfriend" wasn't staying there (something about her being in LA for a photoshoot; quote of Baste's message to him about the break-in; how he had stored his valuables and how the PM's friend Maria was the one to discover the break-in when she went to pick up a PM outfit.....

    Apparently he lost one of his rings - I hope it wasn't THE ring!

  3. Thanks Luci.

    Check you email. There is something interesting that send to you.

  4. Oh. Oh baby. Whorely's still got it!