Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Paris Photoshoot....

Horrified as I am to see that our happy couple has had their privacy invaded YET again, I'm glad to see that our Panty Mantis has heeded my sage advice and headed out to get some maternity wear, I'm actually going to say something nice about one aspect of her outfit! Are you guys ready.......... I like her coat....its a nice shape.

I think i need a lie down after that.......

The rest of it of course i don't like, those 80's throwback drainpipes, her greasy phace and is that hairdo she something she's had sealed on for posterity .... but we'd be here all day if I started listing those

Orlando is again looking clean too, maybe thats because her enheightened sense of smell means that 3 weeks in the same T-shirt are over, for now.. apparently he's in Paris for a show . It must be nice for them to be back in Paris, back reminded of romantic times, just them - a horrified bystander and 15 of their best photographers, no wonder Orlando is looking quite so elated!

Its good to see Mr Big just happened to be in Paris at the same time again - He really is good at "finding" our hounded couple isn't he - or maybe he is just that "lucky"...

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  1. Awwww, how cute. His fingertips just touching her belly reminds me of the very first Paris Pap Set Ups from 2008 when they touched fingertips through the just cracked open car window (he was on his bike, she was in the car). Remember? Such a show of love! Ahhhh, Paris, the City of Lurve!

    Do you think he'll void his contract with Audi by being seen riding in a Citroen?

    Looks like Whorely is having a far more in depth conversation with the guy with the grey hair. He's not even looking at his twu wuv ;)

    At least phatso is carrying her own bag this time.

  2. I know its so specul that they've gone back to the scene of so many a pap set up..... i wonder if they had a reunion dinner with Mr Big to celebrate - ah no silly me - of course they didnt, if they had done, there would have been pictures!

    "At least phatso is carrying her own bag this time"
    ROFL Joders - be careful though, our resident troll will have you for that comment, can't you see how stunninge she is ??

    Any ideas on her 'big' announcement yet - I'm all anticipation.....

  3. can't you see how stunninge she is ??

    Maybe if I put on my cardboard 3D glasses I'll be able to fully appreciate her stunning stunningness?

    As for the announcement, maybe she's just about to announce that she's having twins?

    But it's probably just that she's walking for Balenciaga when she's five months gone. That ought to prove to us fat jellus haterz just what a successful runway model she is. Phat, but a big name fashion house still wants her.

    Pity she only got the call up for Balenciaga because Nikola Koke (or what ever his name is) used to work for Portmans. It's all about jobs for the boys. No talent needed.

  4. Whorely looks like a poor lost puppy in that last pic.

  5. Maybe if I put on my cardboard 3D glasses I'll be able to fully appreciate her stunning stunningness?
    Are you serious? Those dimples would look like asteroid craters in 3-D! The Olive Oyl hairdo must be because of Orlando's Popeye and spinach reference years ago, and gosh she soooo stunning too!- KayC33

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  7. thanks anomers, you're too kind!