Tuesday, 21 September 2010

the FINAL word

blimey you guys have been busy over night..... this is what I get for being asleep when a perfectly good bytch fight is going on...

I'm going to do two posts today - this one is to clear up what i understand about the whole copyrite issue and answer a certain democratic question:


As I understand it, if you pay for something, you don't own the copywrite unless you specifically purchase that too. So in the example that brought on such an enthusiastic discussion, it doesnt stack up. Had I not referenced it as a source and just put the quote in there, it would have counted as plagiarism - like the Panty Mantis and her Winston Churchill quote for example... May would of course be perfectly entitled to inform The Times of the use of quote but as she has also posted in various places, that would line her up for the same response from them. As in both cases the source is reference, I doubt they would have much problem with it. Articles from papers are used all the time in academic study - the key is in the referencing (and to be fair I probably should of detailed edition page number that kind of thing too - but as I'm not writing an academic essay - you will all have to put up with sloppy referencing!)


as Wanda rightly pointed out, I'm perfectly entitled to delete or publish any comments as I see fit, thats the beauty of having your own blog!

BUT (and May this is the important bit - please read it, note it for future reference, I hate having to repeat myself) I haven't deleted ANYONES comments. Your comments were put into the spam filter box I have set up on here, I'm not sure why it did it to yours but it did..... (actually joders one of yours was in there too from ages back...sorry, I hadnt found that area of Blogger before!). I actually believe in giving the people the right to a freedom of expression unless they are actively trolling - and in that case they deserve what they get...

Nuff said! - Can we lighten up a bit now, this isn't world famine - its a panty mantis and her trapped handbag....

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