Saturday, 18 September 2010

Missing a trick

It seems i'm missing a trick - apparently Orlando, sans the latest in killer neckwear and a killer mantis with her baby (in her belly), is emblazoned across London for Uniglo.... its funny - I've been in town and not seen the ads - must be in the wrong part of town..... I have to say i'm liking the campaign photos BUT i'd like them a whole lot more if they werent so airbrushed....

I'm also hoping our Mantis is enjoying the chance to see what a successful ad campaign looks like when one keeps ones clothes on!

remember Panty Mantis, its never too late to learn how to model with class, your "husband" hasnt let us down yet on a modelling campaign - maybe he could give you a few pointers?

(I know, I know - fat , jellus, orlando to myself etc etc etc)

Totally unrelated - but I just wanted to say that we've gone over 30,000 hits today. When i started out with this I was surprised that anyone apart from me read it! So thanks for all your input - it wouldnt be half as fun without all the comments.

I'm quite amazed that TSO now gets visitor from all over the globe but I thought today i'd give a particular shout out to our friends from Germany seeing as they are hosting our favourite couple at the moment

On the one hand you have my utter sympathy having to have the panty mantis parading around on your soil at the moment, armed with her Yoga Mat ready to hide the baby (in her belly) from those "pain in the arse" paparazzi. On the other though, you do of course have Orlando in heels, you have one of Big birds cousins AND you have the Oktoberfest coming up - OB, Birds and Booze - sounds like a match made in heaven !!


  1. Missing a trick, eh? Interesting choice of words. :P

    Funny, I've had a couple of visitors from Germany this week myself.

  2. Looks like Mother Moronduh might have some 'stiff' competition here. Could this be her new replacement?? BTW - have you seen the one of him in the long-sleeved gray sweater? Looks more 'natural' IMO.